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Who We Are

The Armenian Young Men's Society (Hoyetchmen) is located in the historical Armenian Convent of St. James in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. Our Club was established in 1937 by a group of idealist young Armenian men, the first generation to come after the 1915 Armenian Genocide. The aim of our Society is to prepare exemplary Armenian young men and women, by giving them Armenian education, morally, mentally and physically.

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Youth Organization Services

Since the establishment of the Hoyetchmen Club in Jerusalem we have worked and still are working in several fields for the benefit of our community and youth, we have nurtured our community’s youth and provided them with opportunities to unleash their inner potential. 
Our Youth in the Hoyetchmen Club can bring their potential through scouting, sports and culture. These three fields will shape our youth to become good and devoted future leaders.

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Scouting  Programs

As a Community Center, the Hoyetchmen Club has the honor of educating its youth and prepare them to become the next generation of the Armenian Community of Jerusalem and the Armenian Nation. As such one of our yearly programs is scouting.

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Sports  Programs

Another aspect of service to our community is through our       
yearly sports programs and teams.


Cultural  Programs

One of the pillars of our Armenian community is Culture as such,
the Armenian community of Jerusalem organizes yearly programs
in order to preserve the Armenian Culture in Jerusalem.

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Latest News



 October 15,2022

On Friday, the 22nd of October, 2021 a book launch dedicated to Dr. Varsen Aghabekian took place at the JABU-Paresirads Club's main hall, organized by both JABU and Hoyetchmen. The newly published book is titled, "A Palestinian Armenian: the interwith between the social and the political", introducing the long presence of Armenians in the Holy Land in addition to Dr. Varsen’s experiences as an Armenian and a Palestinian.


Annual Christian Youth Football Tournament

September 3,2022

On Friday, the 29th of October 2021, a Volleyball tournament was held at the Hoyetchmen club’s court on the occasion of the 84th anniversary of Hoyetchmen.


Hoyetchmen's 66th Annual Camping's Closing Ceremony

August 26,2022

On Friday, the 3rd of December 2021, Hoyetchmen's Annual Christmas Bazaar took place at the Tekeyan Hall, at 4 pm.


Joint Scout Day

August 25,2022

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January 18, 2023

On Wednesday, 18th of January 2023, Hoyetchmen's Scouts participated in the Annual Armenian Christmas Parade in Bethlehem, Palestine.
This year with the invitation of Hoyetchmen's Scouts Committee the Terra Sancta and Mar Yousef Scouts as well as representatives of the Rouwad, Syriac Scouts and members of the Scouts Commission of Bethlehem attended the parade.

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Since the establishment of the Hoyetchmen Club in Jerusalem in 1937, we have worked hard to bring benefit to our community and, in particular, enable our younger generation to become leaders in a wide variety of fields around the world.
Through participation in scouting, sports, cultural and recreational activities, we continue to equip our youth at Hoyetchmen with unique leadership and interpersonal skills to act as future leaders of the club and ensure strength within our  community.
Unfortunately, given current regional and global political and economic circumstances, the Armenian community in Jerusalem faces enormous challenges.

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Our Recent Project in Artsakh

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Home: Video

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Since 1937, we have been committed to creating a world of opportunity for the youth through our wide range of enrichment programs. At the Armenian Young Men's Society of Jerusalem (Hoyetchmen), we believe that a little monetary contribution can go a long way - and rely on support from people like you to create an impact on our youth. Donate now, and make a difference in the lives of our youth.

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