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About Us

The Armenian Young Men's Society (Hoyetchmen) is located in the historical Armenian Convent of St. James in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. Our Club was established in 1937 by a group of idealist young Armenian men, the first generation to come after the 1915 Armenian Genocide. The aim of our Society is to prepare exemplary Armenian young men and women, by giving them Armenian education, morally, mentally and physically. Our society has its Executive Committee whose members are elected democratically every two years by the members of the Society. These elected members work for the benefit of the youth and the community voluntarily. The Young Ladies guild, Scouts, Sports and Cultural committees, all worked and continue to work together during the year alongside with the Executive Committee to keep alive the Armenian culture and presence in Jerusalem in an effect to continue what our founders have started. The Hoyetchmen Club is playing a vital role in the History of the Armenian Community in Jerusalem. The Hoyetchmen Club, has been a second home and a second school to many young boys and girls. It is here that many youngsters discover their latent capabilities, whether in sportsmanship , literacy or social life. It is here where the Armenian Community of Jerusalem has attended the most instructive lectures, the most entertaining plays and loveliest social gatherings. The Hoyetchmen Club has the privilege to prepare the next generation of the Armenian Community in Jerusalem and will continue to do so.

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About Us: History
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