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Our Recent Project in Artsakh

Respected Hoyetchmen Members and fellow Armenians,

On the 27th of September,  Azerbaijan, under the patronage of Turkey, attacked the Republic of Artsakh. This painful and difficult war lasted 44 days during which our soldiers courageously defended our borders. On October and November, Hoyetchmen’s Executive and Young ladies Committees, with several of our communities’ ladies, organized a bake sale consisting of various Armenian traditional dishes with the intention of helping the Republic of Artsakh with the income.
After thorough discussions and consultations with the elder members, we decided to dedicate the collected amount to a charitable program, an Armenian folk dance group for children. 
The aim of our project is to keep the passion towards the Armenian culture alive, and this project will provide the children with the ability to develop their talents and to carry out their dreams. 
Our folk dance group will bring its participation in different cultural events and festivals. The group will practice three times per week for two hours. We also envisage that the children will participate in Youth activities on Sundays. 
Hoyetchmen’s folk dance group will be consisted of 35-40 boys and girls, ranging from 10-16 years of age. The members are from the regions: Shushi, Hatrut, Shahoumyan and Kashatagh. The dance instructor will keep the Executive Committee updated throughout and in turn we will do so with our members.
Dear Hoyetchmen Members and respected Armenians, 
Our Artsakh is in need of recovery. Therefore, lets play our part in bringing back the smiles on the children’s faces.

Do you duty in order to recover our Artsakh and bring your wholehearted support to the dance group of the Armenian Young Men’s Society, Hoyetchmen.

Armenia-Artsakh: History
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