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Book Launch

22 October, 2021

On Friday, the 22nd of October, 2021 a book launch dedicated to Dr. Varsen Aghabekian took place at the JABU-Paresirads Club's main hall, organized by both JABU and Hoyetchmen. The newly published book is titled, "A Palestinian Armenian: the interwith between the social and the political", introducing the long presence of Armenians in the Holy Land in addition to Dr. Varsen’s experiences as an Armenian and a Palestinian.
Opening remarks were given by Enger Hagop Djernazian who invited the representative of the JABU, Mrs. Vartoug Koukeian to deliver her speech. Following Mrs. Koukeian's speech, Dr. Saro Nakashian, representing the ADL Ramgavar party and the Hoyetchmen Club, was invited to deliver his speech. Hoyetchmen's chairman Mr. Sako Djernazian and Vice Chairman Ms. Vicky Odabashian was called to present Hoyetchmen's present to Dr. Aghabekian. Historian Mr. George Hintilian and Fr. Mitri Raheb delivered their speeches afterwards as well. Following the congratulatory remarks, Dr. Varsen Aghabekian gave a brief explanation of her work and thanked all those who contributed to the writing of this wonderful book. The event came to its end with the closing remarks of Fr. Goryuon Baghdasaryan. The attendees then were invited to the reception prepared by JABU-Paresirads and Hoyetchmen JABU-Paresirads Club.

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