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10 June, 2021

On Thursday, 10th of June 2021, at 5pm, the traditional “Hadigaseghan” took place on the occasion of the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, in Hoyetchmen’s Tekeyan hall. The grains, as every year, were donated by Mrs. Zabel Kalaydjian and prepared by Hoyetchmen’s Executive and Young Ladies Committee members. Engerouhi Nanar Nakashian welcomed everyone present and delivered her speech. Soon afterwards, the delicious traditional “Hadig” was shared between us all. Later during the event, Bingo games were played as well. 
This year Hoyetchmen’s Executive Committee, with the assistance of our scouts, shared the Hadig with elder members who weren’t able to join the event.
Sincere gratitude to everyone who helped us prepare for this evening.

Hadigaseghan: Service
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