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Hoyetchmen's 66th Annual Camping's Closing Ceremony

Hoyetchmen’s 66th annual camping's closing ceremony took place on the 26th of August 2022, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the establishment of the Hoyetchmen club. The ceremony began as soon as Hoyetchmen's scouts and cubs chanted the anthem of the Republic of Armenia. The opening remarks were given in Armenian and Arabic by Engeruhiner Tania Nassarian and Sarin Gejekoushian who invited Hoyetchmen's chairman Enger Sarkis Djernazian to deliver his speech. Following the chairman’s speech representatives of the Palestinian Scouts Organization as well as of the Jerusalem district delivered their speeches. 
Shortly after, the scouts and cubs were called to perform two joyful Armenian and Palestinian folk dances, in addition to a short skit called, "Our Daily Life" inspired by the real experiences of our campers. The skit was prepared by Engerouhiner Galina Boyadjian and Galina Shohmelian.
Following the cultural part of the evening, 8 new Scouts took their oath and swore in front of the Scouts Committee leaders to stay loyal to God and their homeland, always help others and to obey the scout creed. Following the swearing-in ceremony medals and appreciation gifts. Appreciation gifts were given to the club by the Jerusalem's orthodox union club and the Syriac Orthodox club.
Finally all flags were brought down and the evening came to an end with the chanting of Hoyetchmen's anthem. Hoyetchmen's chairmen and vice chairman together lit the bonfire and dinner was served to all.
The ceremony was attended by Hoyetchmen’s members, leaders of scouts groups in Jerusalem and Bethlehem as well as members of the JABU Executive Committee.

Hoyetchmen's 66th Annual Camping's Closing Ceremony: News
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