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Musical Evening Dedicated to Artsakh

April 10, 2021

On Saturday, 10th of April, 2021 a musical evening dedicated to Artsakh took place in Hoyetchmen’s Tekeyan Hall. The event was postponed from December 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions.
The ceremony started with one minute of silence in remembrance of our martyrs followed by the anthems of Armenia and Hoyetchmen. Eng. Tania Nassarian  delivered the opening remarks and in her speech mentioned the following sentence, "May we never witness more wars, may all the bombs stop and may our brave soldiers return back to their families alive and healthy". 
Following the opening remarks the performers of the evening were invited to the stage. They included Engerner Vino Kahkejian, Krikor Gejekoushian, Joe George Zaarour and George Zarour, Ibrahim Saad, Narine Gejekoushian, Aida Gejekoushian, Kevork and Sako Gejekoushian, as well as Karin Kahkejian  who presented 22 national and folk songs, as well as poems, all of which were dedicated to the memory of the martyrs of the 44-day War of Artsakh. 
Each performer filled the hall with their unique talent and made the evening an unforgettable one. 
It's worth mentioning that all the participants had worked extremely hard these past few weeks and spared no effort in making this evening a successful one. 
At the end of the evening, light lenten food was given to everyone present, prepared by the Young Ladies’ Committee.
Dear followers, It is our duty to remember our martyrs, to pay a tribute to them, so their memory stays with us eternally. 
Hoyetchmen's Executive and Young Ladies’ Committees are thanking all those who took part in making this event a successful one.
We also encourage our members to participate in future cultural events by presenting their talents.

Musical Evening Dedicated to Artsakh: News
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