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List of Programs

Since 1937, we have nurtured our community’s youth and provided them an opportunity to unleash their inner potential. Whether you’re interested in health related activities or more socially-oriented programs, we’ve got options that are suitable for everyone. Get in touch today to learn more about how Armenian Young Men's Society of Jerusalem Hoyetchmen Club helps the community.

Our Programs: Our Programs

Scouting  Programs

As a Community Center, the Hoyetchmen Club has the honor of educating its youth and prepare them to become the next generation of the Armenian Community of Jerusalem and the Armenian Nation. As such one of our yearly programs is scouting.
The Hoyetchmen Club has its Scouts Groups which are divided into Cubs and Scouts. The Cubs Group contains Children from the Age of 6-11 and the Scouts Groups contains youngsters from the age of 12+.
Our Scouts Committee is responsible for all the Scouts events and activities in the Club and works alongside with the Executive Committee of Hoyetchmen. Our Scouts and Cubs participate in the  yearly Christmas and Easter parades, summer camps, trips and weekly Scouts gatherings where they learn Scouting, Armenian heritage, values and morals. The Hoyetchmen Club is proud to have more than 80 Scouts and Cubs and believes that the participation of its members in the Scouts groups is important for the leadership process they go through in our Club.

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