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Spring Trip

April 2, 2021

On Friday and Saturday, 2nd and 3rd of April, 2021 Hoyetchmen's overnight hiking trip took place. The Spring Trip was organized by the Executive and Scouts’ Committees, and 35 scouts participated, all of whom were above the age of 16. 
On Friday, at 1pm, Hoyetchmen's scouts traveled first to Mar Saba Monastery, where they heard about the history of the convent. Afterwards, the scouts went hiking for 3km around the convent. After hiking, the participants arrived at the camp-site where they set up the tents and had free time to play friendly games. 
In the evening, the scouts enjoyed the bedouin dish made in the “Zarb”, an underground nomadic oven. Following dinner everyone sat around the fire and sang folk and national songs.
On Saturday at 3:30am, the scouts got ready and were driven to the Dead Sea to watch the sunrise. At 5:30am, after a one hour drive, the participants arrived at the mountains around the Dead Sea to watch the sunrise. 
After one hour of enjoyment from the sunrise, everyone came back to the camp. During the drive, everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the view of the desert. 
After arriving at the campsite, breakfast was served and the Scouts prepared themselves to return back to Jerusalem with pleasant and unforgettable memories.
The Executive and Scouts’ Committees are planning to organize different trips for all of our members in the near future.

Spring Trip: Service
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